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Bunchems - Hatchimals Penguala Building Kit

You’ve hatched them, now you can build them! Create your own Hatchimal model with Bunchems, the colorful little balls that stick to each other! Following the easy-to-understand guidebook, you’ll squish, squeeze and connect 180 Bunchems to create an adorable, magical Penguala! Add the eyes and wing accessories to complete your magical creation! Just like any Hatchimal, your Penguala comes with an authentic egg container! Play and display in this cozy shell – the perfect home for any Hatchimal! Squish together your own cute Penguala with Bunchems!


  • Squish, connect and create your very own Hatchimals Penguala, made out of Bunchems! These colorful little balls stick to each other and build like no other!
  • This kit comes with a helpful guidebook that makes building your own Bunchems Hatchimal easy and fun!
  • Once you’ve built your Bunchems Penguala, add the eyes and wing accessories to complete your creation, then place it in the cozy egg container!
  • Bunchems Penguala is for kids aged 6+. Contains small parts.


  • 180 Regular Bunchems
  • 2 Large Bunchems
  • 1 Reusable Egg Container
  • 6 Accessories
  • 1 Guidebook

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