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Heads Up! 3rd Edition

Heads Up! Party Game 3rd Edition lets you play the party game version of the popular app seen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show! Put on a headband and place game cards in with the words facing out—without looking at them! Race the timer to guess the words you’re wearing in your headband based on your teammate’s clues. All-new cards in four categories keep everyone guessing! In Superstars, describe pop culture celebrities without saying any part of their name. In Food Fight, describe food and drinks. In Act It Out Family Style, it’s time to mime. How would you act out Musical Chairs, Pie Eating Contest or Water Balloon Fight? In the exclusive deck, Bingeworthy, describe popular shows without saying any part of the title. Think quickly and blurt out answers to earn chips for each card you figure out. The player who earns the most chips wins! With over 1 million games sold, Heads Up! is the hilarious party game that’s heads above the rest! Bring out the headbands for a rousing game at your next party!


  • HILARIOUS PARTY GAME: The Heads Up! Party Game is hours of fun for both family and adult parties. For family gatherings, try playing parents vs. kids or girls vs. boys for more interactive play. For adult parties, add the Heads Up! Adult Expansion Pack (sold separately) with 200 cards and 4 racy categories for edgier, adults only game play.
  • GUESS OR ACT OUT CLUES: The Heads Up! Party Game has 200 cards in four categories. Players give verbal clues in the Superstars, Food FIght and Bingeworthy categories. Players act out clues in the Act It Out Family Style category.
  • EXCLUSIVE BINGEWORTHY DECK: The Heads Up! Party Game is the only place to get the Bingeworthy Deck. Place the exclusive cards into your headband. How many popular shows from Netflix, Hulu and more can you guess?
  • The Heads Up! Party Game is a great go-to gift for all ages. Wrap it up and gift it at your next party!


  • 6 Headbands
  • 48 Chips
  • 200 Cards
  • 1 Sand Timer
  • Instructions

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